8Dio “Model D” Add-On

November 12, 2019 | Previous Page | Categorie(s): Other News, Products

8Dio has announced its new “Model D” (Minimoog Model D) Add-On pack for the Prophet X and Prophet XL. The Add-On pack is now available for download from their website. The download is approximately 80 MB.

The Model D was a three-oscillator monophonic synthesizer manufactured originally throughout the early 1970s, before being brought back in more recent years for a limited run. The popularity of the Model D was unparalleled at the time, with users such as Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Herbie Hancock to name just a few.

The $48 Add-On pack ($38 limited-time intro price) features 16 custom programs and samples of the synthesizer’s raw oscillators. It was created by deep-sampling a pristinely maintained vintage Minimoog® Model D synthesizer. 8Dio recorded each take through a purely analog signal path until the very final stages to ensure that all the character, tone, and warmth were retained, resulting in every note being faithful to the original.

The “Model D” Add-On pack requires Prophet X OS v2.1 or higher.

The Prophet X was designed to accommodate up to 50 GB of 16-bit, 48 kHz user-generated and third-party content. Imported sample content can be used to create custom instruments and patches. Sampled instruments can be augmented with the Prophet X’s own synthesis engine, which features 2 digital oscillators, stereo analog filters, and a multitude of sound-shaping controls.

For more information about other Add-On Packs, including The Last Prophet (the last production model of the Prophet-5 ever made), the Prophet T8, the ARP 2600, the JP-4, and the OBX, visit 8Dio’s website.

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