Tempest OS 1.4 Released!

January 3, 2015 | Previous Page | Categorie(s): Products


DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds a number of highly requested features and is accompanied by entirely new internal sounds, beats, and projects. The new version, OS 1.4, and the new sound set ship with newly purchased instruments. For users wishing to upgrade instruments with older versions of the OS, version 1.4 is also available for download from the Tempest OS Support page. The new sound set is available from the Tempest Factory Sounds page.

Among the new features are:

  • Increased sequence length (up to 128 sixteenth notes, or 8 measures of 4/4)
  • Arpeggiation
  • New modal scales
  • Free-running LFOs
  • Compressor envelope controls
  • Quantize disable
  • A total of 928 new factory sounds, 64 new beats, and 16 new projects

The new features are covered in the Tempest 1.4 Manual Addendum, which is available here.

A tutorial showing how to update your Tempest OS is available here.

A demo of the new sound set can be heard here.

Co-developed by Dave Smith and legendary instrument designer Roger Linn, Tempest has been widely embraced by musicians from a wide range of genres for both live performance and studio recording. “The new OS adds several powerful new features to an already powerful instrument,” said Dave. “And we’ve enlisted the talents of some heavy-hitting sound and beat designers to come up with an extensive amount of new content that’s fresh, inspiring, and versatile.”

The new content takes advantage of the new OS features and was over a year in the making. As Dave puts it, “Our users have put Tempest to a lot of really creative and expressive uses and this upgrade is going to allow them to take it even further. We can’t wait to hear what they do with it next.”

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