EM Reviews the Pro 2!

October 16, 2014 | Previous Page | Categorie(s): Products

Electronic Musician Pro-2-Review-large

In the November 2014 issue of Electronic Musician, veteran gear reviewer and synth geek Gary Yelton gives the Pro 2 the thumbs up in the longest print review EM has published in over a decade. Gary covers a lot of ground as he praises the Pro 2 for its “spectacular sound, impressive programming depth, intuitive user interface, excellent analog filters, CV connectivity, and first-rate construction.”  He goes on to declare that the Pro 2’s extensive timbre-shaping tools allow the creation of sounds that would be impossible to achieve with other synths.

Naturally, we agree on all counts. DSI’s monster mono synth is garnering universally rave reviews everywhere it goes—in fact, its been a challenge prying our Pro 2 review units out of some writers’ synth-loving hands.

To read the full EM review online, click here.

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