Yair Albeg Wein

Israeli-born Yair Albeg Wein represents the new generation of composers who combine their unique traditional musical training with the gift of technological shrewdness. Yair grew up in a house with a long tradition in the arts: his mother a graduate pianist and educator of the prestigious Warsaw Music Academy, his uncle Yossi Wein, a world-renowned cinematographer and filmmaker. Since a young age, Yair has shown exceptional musical abilities, from playing the recorder to wining first prize competitions for classical guitar in which he was rated as the best guitar player in Israel for his age group. Yair attended the Jerusalem Music Academy.

Yair has credits spanning Israel to London to Hollywood. His scores are featured in Israeli TV shows, feature films, and worldwide advertisement campaigns. Yair’s music is also featured in some of the most exclusive catalogs of the industry including Sonic Symphony, Really Slow Motion, Demented Sound Mafia, and Warner Bros.

We chatted with Yair about how he’s using the Prophet Rev2.

Is the Prophet Rev2 your first DSI instrument?

“The short answer is no. Long story long, it all started almost like a love at first sight, I know it sounds cliche, but when I saw and heard the Prophet ’08, hands down, I was A-M-A-Z-E-D. But, at the time, I couldn’t afford it. So, to begin with something that is closely related to the Prophet ’08, I decided to purchase the Mopho x4.

What made you choose the Mopho x4?

“I was looking for the most authentic analog polyphonic sound that was cost effective. After much research, I couldn’t find anything in the market (as biased as it may sound) as good as DSI. So like I said, I started with the Mopho x4 purely for budgetary reasons. But the Prophet Rev2 was my ultimate goal. Echoing Dave Smith, I really feel that it’s like a Prophet ’08 on steroids.

How are you using the instruments?

“My main musical endeavors are focused on music for media, i.e. motion picture advertisement, TV, film, and video games. It’s quintessential in this industry to be as musically versatile as possible. Using software synths is great, and there’s much more variety than 10 years ago, but having a physical analog synth with capabilities like the Prophet Rev2… it’s just a different league. The opportunities for customization and developing my own sound signature is possible with the unique analog sound this synth provides.

What’s one of your favorite things about the instruments?

For the Mopho x4, one of my favorite features is the Feedback Loop Amount. Using it can really enhance a standard bass synth into a more chunky, fatty, ear candy sound.”

For the Rev2, three of my favorite features are:

  1. The Poly Sequencer. It allows me to record sequences using the keyboard itself outside of my DAW, and that really saves a bunch of time making my workflow smoother — especially when I’m inspired by playing the synth itself. I can create unique combinations of layers that way.
  2. Being able to stack 16 voices in unison mode! For example, when I’m working on trailer music, I’m able to create these gigantic, monstrous sounds that are just not reproducible with any other hardware or software synth.
  3. The routing of different modulation and LFO parameters to various  sources and destinations is effortless!”


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