Violent Aggressive Heartless Noise (VAHN) is an electronic band based in Dublin, Ireland. After being in various bands throughout Dublin (rock / punk, metal and even an 80’s duo band!) and inspired by the DIY attitude of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk and David Bowie, writer / producer Derek Adams released Kapitel 1, a concept album made using only analog equipment exploring issues of conflict and control.

We chatted with VAHN on how he uses the Prophet Rev2 in his music:

What made you choose the Prophet Rev2 ?

The sound and the history behind the company and the Prophet series. Secondly, I needed an analog synth that could carry out multiple tasks, and as I discovered the Rev2 was just that.

How are you using it?

To be honest I use the Rev2 for absolutely everything! Take out the drums on my new EP and it becomes a Rev2 solo album! Pads, leads, noise, the lot. For my basslines, I run the Rev2 through a Proco Rat distortion pedal. I regularly use the gated sequencer to come up with lines that would be mistaken to have come from a modular set up.

What is one of your favorite things about it?

Ease of use. Everything you need is right on front of you. I much prefer working with hardware rather than software and the Rev2 is very hands on. The laptop has its place in the modern set up, but I treat the Rev2 very much as a live instrument. I come from bands where everything is played live, and you play until you get it right. I use the Rev2 the same way. I don’t really sync it at all. I Simply set the tempo locally on the Rev2, experiment and improvise.

What does it give you that other synths might not?

It’s a versatile, hands-on synth. On one of the first few pages of the manual it advises you to turn knobs, dive in and see what happens. I took this literally and read no more of the manual! Everything is there in front of you on the front panel. Show up, give it some time and you will get results.

Any interesting Prophet Rev2 tricks or techniques you would like to share?

I won’t tell you to modulate the VCO with LFO 4 and so on…I will leave that to more capable sound designers. But I will say show up, have fun and experiment as much as possible. Don’t go on online and listen to what “can’t” be done on your synth. Spend time with it and enjoy it find your own way and you won’t go wrong, and even if you do…just delete and start again!



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