Tom Darom

Tom Darom is an Israeli producer, composer and keyboardist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She tours and records with the Balkan Beat Box as keyboardist and programmer, is A&R/creative director for APE Records, and is also a composer for TV, film, and media. Her recent work, Shadow of Truth, is a 4-part documentary on Netflix. She received the DocAviv Best Original Music award in 2016 for the documentary Death in the Terminal. The movie also won the Best Israeli Film award.

“I live in an environment that is a melting pot of cultures, rhythms, religions, languages, and conflict. This obviously filters into the art that’s produced here. Many of my scores cover these issues. Much of the music I produce, and artists I work with are an intricate weave of eastern and western influences. Our generation is fortunate to be able to search for what defines our complex identity. From this a new, hybrid middle-eastern sound has been born.

We chatted with Tom about how she’s using the Prophet-6.

Is the Prophet-6 your first DSI product?

“Yes, it is.

What made you choose it?

“It was love at first sight, I guess. I was working with a co-producer on a soundtrack for a TV documentary series. We were working in his studio and he had recently purchased a Prophet-6. I found myself using it all the time, layering most of the music with it. So as soon as we finished the project, and I no longer had it under my fingertips, I ended up buying one myself.

How are you using it?

“I keep it in my studio and use it in all of my studio work —music for film and TV, and tracks I produce, mix, and remix.”

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“I like how visually everything is layed out before my eyes. It makes working it accessible and playful. And I for one, found it valuable that the design, visual aesthetics, and feel, were coherent with the audio qualities of the instrument. It’s a really vibey synth.

What does it give you that other instruments don’t?

“The Prophet-6 is a very musical and tasteful piece of equipment. It is designed to adapt itself into a track. This is why I fell in love. It has an emotional quality to its sound. I can use it for different purposes, getting both beautiful synth basses, amazing ambient soundscapes, killer leads, and moving arpeggios. It’s versatile yet precise.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“I like getting MIDI tracks down then running them through the synth again, this time focusing on printing the best audio takes possible, tweaking filters, effects, and playing the knobs to perfection. Then I comp it all together so it tells a story. It’s amazing how much emotion and movement you can enhance in a track, especially in soundtracks. It’s finding that element that is sometimes nearly motionless, but makes it all breathe and come to life, and eventually glues the entire mix together.

“Thank you, Dave and DSI. Your instruments have really affected the aesthetics and style of the music we create. And happy 15th anniversary!Check out this remix and video I made for DSI and Ape Records using add ons only from the Prophet 6:”




Ape Records

Balkan Beatbox


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