Thomas Lemmer

Thomas Lemmer, a German musician and producer, is renowned for his captivating electronic and ambient compositions. Beginning his musical journey with classical piano and organ, he evolved into a self-taught music producer with a penchant for immersive soundscapes.

Notable for his album HOPE, mixed in Dolby Atmos, Thomas continually explores cutting-edge technology to enhance his work. His albums STILL, ZERO GRAVITY, and PURE have all achieved success, with AMBITRONIC maintaining a Top 10 position in the German Chill Out Charts for an impressive 36 weeks.

Collaborations with remixers and talented singers add depth to Thomas’s compositions. Collaborative efforts with fellow artists Andreas Bach and Christoph Sebastian Pabst have produced immersive sonic journeys like “PULSE”, “NIGHT TRAVELLERS”, or “MEERBLICK” and “BERGBLICK”.

Most recently, Thomas partnered with Oine (Adrián Márquez) for the groundbreaking album ONE VISION, a fusion of electronic genres highlighted by its immersive Dolby Atmos experience. With meticulous attention to detail and contributions from guest musicians, ONE VISION stands as a masterpiece in contemporary electronic music.

We chatted with Thomas on how the Pro 3 is used in his music:

What made you choose the Pro 3?

I was on the hunt for an analog mono synth that offered unparalleled flexibility, a robust sequencer, and integrated effects. The Pro 3 immediately captured my attention. Its blend of versatility, impeccable sound quality, intuitive hands-on control, and solid construction sealed the deal for me. Plus, the inclusion of a third oscillator featuring wavetables opened up sonic possibilities that surpassed those of other mono synths on the market.

How are you leveraging its capabilities in your music production?

The Pro 3 has become a staple in my arsenal, prominently featured in my ambient and downtempo compositions. Whether crafting basslines, intricate analog sequences, or ethereal lead and atmospheric effects, the instrument’s onboard effects and sonic sculpting capabilities allow me to fashion immersive soundscapes and textured layers that enhance the mood and depth of my productions.

What is a standout feature of the Pro3 to you?

One of the most captivating features for me is the paraphonic mode, which injects sequences with dynamic variation and character. Initially overlooked, this mode has become indispensable in my creative process. By utilizing all three oscillators in paraphonic mode, each subsequent note can take on a distinct tonal identity, infusing sequences and ambient passages with a sense of organic evolution. Experimenting with different octave ranges and waveform combinations yields truly enchanting results that breathe life into my compositions.

How does the Pro 3 distinguish itself from other synths in your collection?

The integration of internal effects sets the Pro 3 apart from its analog counterparts. For comprehensive sound design and seamless recallability, onboard effects are indispensable, particularly in the realm of ambient music. Sequential’s commitment to incorporating these features elevates the instrument to new heights. Moreover, the thoughtfully designed layout and intuitive controls contribute to an unparalleled user experience, making the Pro 3 not just a superior instrument, but also a joy to interact with. Its exceptional build quality further reinforces its status as a premier synthesizer.

Could you share any intriguing techniques or tricks you’ve discovered with the PRO 3?

Certainly! Exploring the paraphonic mode with the arpeggiator or sequencer can yield fascinating results. By leveraging this mode in conjunction with dynamic sequencing, you can unlock a wealth of creative possibilities, breathing life and spontaneity into your compositions. Experimenting with different modulation sources and oscillator configurations within the paraphonic framework can lead to serendipitous discoveries, enriching your sonic palette and inspiring new musical directions.



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