Sheenah Ko

Sheenah Ko is a Montreal solo artist, a one-woman show involving analog keyboards and synths, driving beats, fierce enigmatic vocals, and often accompanied by contemporary dancers. She is the keyboardist, vibraphonist, and vocalist for many North American bands, including The Besnard Lakes (Jagjagwar), Thor Harris (from Swans), Kevin Hearn (from The Barenaked Ladies), and is an avid international performer crossing many different musical genres. Her duet act with contemporary dancer Brittney Canda Gering has been described as hypnotic, powerful, and emotional, and is often compared to Kate Bush and Portishead. Alone, they enchant entire venues with their emotionally-charged and extremely visual show.

We chatted with her about how she’s using the Prophet-6.

What made you choose the Prophet-6?

“DSI products were made by keyboardists for keyboardists. Honestly, they thought of everything. My absolute favorite keyboard is the Prophet-6 and I am so blown away by all of its functionality, in addition to just how bad-ass it sounds. Every time I play a show, the audience can really feel the subs and bass protruding from my DSI products — I am capable of creating a super huge sound as a solo artist.”

How are you using it?

“I have been using the Prophet-6 primarily to create all my lead and bass tones, as well as arpeggiations. I use the sequencer in live performances. Honestly, I’m on the brink of using two Prophet-6’s for live performances. It’s because of the Prophet-6 that I started my solo project (Sheenah Ko), which has been super fun. I also accompany my Prophet-6 live with the DSI/Pioneer DJ Toraiz-SP16, which is an excellent drum machine and sequencer. As a one-woman show, using DSI products has seriously upped my game and I am able to provide such a large and exciting sound and performance all on my own.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“For the Prophet-6, it definitely boils down to the rich, deep sounds. Secondly, the functionality — incredibly usable, savable, and love how much you can manipulate everything both live and pre-show!

What does it give you that other instruments don’t?

“Once again, the super-rich analog sounds, and the ability to manipulate live. The Prophet-6 has become my main machine.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“As a solo performer, I love that I can create and save sequences for songs using both the Prophet-6 and the Toraiz-SP16. As a solo artist who takes pride in performing everything live without a laptop on stage, DSI products enable me to create a huge live sound while also being able to operate multiple instruments at the same time and be expressive in performance.


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