Ron Moton

Ron Moton PH.D is a pro touring musician, in demand music producer, clinician, composer, arranger, music director, music minister, youth mentor, and private music teacher. Ron has numerous album and song credits and is a well-known music industry producer specializing in jazz, R&B, funk, Christian music production and more.

Now touring nationally and internationally, Ron Moton is known for his contemporary jazz-funk that is both artistic and entertaining. High energy grooves, jazz sophistication, and soulful sounds are his trademark. Recent performances include: Yoshi’s Jazz Club, The Jazz Bulls Chicago, the Russian Philharmonic Society’s “Snow Jazz” festival series, the Russian Federation National Big Band, multiple concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo Japan, the Cotton Club, and Billboard Live. Other performances include the Fire Rock Grill Jazz Club, Maestros Jazz Club,  the Celebrity Theater, and the Nokia Theater. International tours include Mexico, France, and the Caribbean, to name a few. Ron has performed on musical television appearances and performances at the Grammy Awards. In addition to his jazz career, Ron is also saxophonist and flautist for the legendary funk and R&B super group, ConFunkShun.

We chatted with Ron on how he’s using the Prophet X in his music:

What made you choose the Prophet X?

A number of factors influenced my decision to choose Sequential. Prophet synths in particular have been known historically for their unique, one-of-a kind vibe. Countless hit songs have had the Sequential sound embedded in their sonic DNA. Numerous film scores have also been composed with Sequential product elements.

I am a touring contemporary jazz artist and a member of the legendary funk group ConFunkShun. Many of the groups I’ve shared performance stages with also have hits and perform with Sequential products. The sound is readily identifiable and necessary for modern performance and recording.

In production I use various hardware synths and virtual software instruments, but I have been missing one authentic element in my sound design and sonic production and performance. Not an imitation or a sound-alike, but the real deal hardware Prophet sound. When I heard about the Prophet X being a hybrid with analog and digital samples I felt now was the time to get that next-level Sequential product. I am not disappointed.

How are you using it?

Various ways, including sound design, production in the studio, music education with my private students, songwriting, and song inspiration. I also use it as a sound source for my electronic wind instruments. I really like the vibe of the ambient sounds and the ease of creating new sounds when recording and composing. I use it to start the creative juices flowing and to support sounds from other synths.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

The sound of it. The sonic signature is wonderful. It is also a very intuitive instrument to get around on. Lots of knobs for ergonomic parameter tweaking, It has a solid build and customer support is very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Again, I really feel how this instrument sounds — and I can add my own samples! Plus it has a 32 voice mode too. Whoo!

What does it give you that other synths might not?

First, I get the Sequential fat and ethereal sound and a solid build. The Prophet X has some very cool and varied slider modulation capabilities. I also get a choice between CC or NRPNs for sending and receiving commands and control messages.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

Double track every part. Leave one original and use a similar sound from my Prophet X, then apply effects and mix to taste.



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