Reek Havok

Reek Havok is an award-winning sound designer, studio musician and audio technologist with five platinum records to his credit. Under the guise of Sounds Amazing, he has brought exciting and engaging sounds to clients like Microsoft, Experience Music Project, Disney, Universal Studios, Seoul Korea Worlds Fair, Museum of Miniatures, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, numerous recording artists, and more. With a strong background in audio and technology, Reek Havok continues to create engaging and immersive sound design to VR and AR applications, games, musical instrument sounds, and presets.

His latest project Robot Clan utilized the DSI Character Eurorack module for guitar processing and other sounds for their first release Over Posting.

“Over Posting” on YouTube

Reek owns Prophet ’08 and Mopho desktop synths as well as DSI’s Character, Feedback, and Curtis Filter Eurorack modules.

We chatted with Reek about how he’s using his DSI gear.

What made you choose DSI’s instruments?

“The sound! I grew up (physically, not mentally) in the 80’s and the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 was something I’d always loved the sound of. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to acquire a Prophet ’08 which still sits in the center of my studio. I added the Mopho for some additional analog goodness.

The last couple of years, I have been drawn into the Eurorack movement. As a sound designer and producer, I have all kinds of use for this deep box of unlimited sonic fun. I’ve added the DSI Character, Feedback, and Curtis Filter modules to my ever-growing box of creative tools. These modules provide some really deep processing capabilities and I love how things like Character can go far beyond a little distortion into the land of unrecognizable audio goodness!

How are you using your gear?

“I use all of these devices for both music and sound design. We just released a comedy song about “over posting” on Facebook where we used the Prophet ’08 keyboard and the guitar was processed through my Eurorack system. I’ll dial up some wild and crazy patch and then hand over the guitar to Brian, my partner in RobotClan, and force him to play the guitar tones I’ve devised.” 

What’s one of your favorite things about your DSI instruments?

“Frankly, their versatility, whether it’s a full synth or a Eurorack module, they are unique and add another big swatch of color to my elaborate setup that I don’t get from anything else. They really stand out by themselves.”

What do they give you that other instruments don’t?

“As I mentioned above, the DSI products have a sound of their own that I can’t get from any other manufacturer. Also, no other manufacture hands out shots of tequila at NAMM.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“I have a module in my Eurorack system that allows me to run an outside signal like guitar into the system to utilize the processing power and flexibility of the Eurorack synthesizer to get a completely unique guitar sounds. I’ve always envied guitarists and their wide option of effects. With these DSI modules in my Eurorack synth rig, I put them to shame.”


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