Ramxes is an alternative, trip-hop & electronic musician based in Houston, Texas. He has produced for rappers locally and a few that are not local, such as Lil B “The Based God.” His own music has been said to remind people of space or give them a futuristic feeling. He is currently working extensively with the Rev2 and Prophet 12 on a new project entitled End Of The World: Deep Crimson which will be the first in a series of projects called The End Of The World Tapes.

We chatted with Ramxes on how he’s using the Prophet Rev2 and Prophet 12 in his music:

What’s one of your favorite things about the Rev2/Sequential?

My favorite thing about the Rev2 is the Curtis filters and the unique sound you can get from them. The Rev2 to my ears sounds different from the Prophet ’08 even though it has the same architecture. It has that very distinct and unique modern Prophet sound with a futuristic twist. It inspires me to not only create in different ways, but teaches me more about synthesizers. I have owned the majority of Seqeuntial’s synths from the modern age and this is my favorite one. It produces unique sounds, and truly feels endless, and not to mention the amount of LFOs it gives me.

How are you using It?

All synths I purchase I make a habit to be able to compose a whole album on that synth if I must. I never want to get into the habit of buying a lot of synths and not knowing how to use them. That being said, I can use my Rev2 to create an album from drum kicks to morphing pads. I also use it for ambiance for the tracks and for creating space; I find it gives me a serene 3D-cube-like space when I try to optimize it on my tracks.

What does it give you that other synths don’t?

I got the Prophet-6 and thought it could replace the Prophet ’08. I ended up regretting it in the long run. Not because the Prophet-6 was bad, but because I was new to synths, and didn’t grasp that they were different. I went on a perilous quest to try and find a polyphonic synth to scratch that itch that was not a vintage tone. This is when I began to realize it was the sound of the Prophet ’08 that I was missing. This time around, when I bought my Rev2, I had a four more years of synth experience, and had tried a lot of synths. I knew the sound, the filters, the voice chips, and the character of the synth I wanted. This futuristic and expansive sound was the Rev2. It gives me a stardust like feel that I don’t get from many other synths, and it feels truly unique.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

Generally I am bad at describing techniques on the synth, but I know what to do on one. I do things like modulating the amount of reverb, but that seems kind of basic for synth experts. I have a few tricks, and with so many LFOs and the use of the filters there is a lot that can be done. On the Prophet 12 I might route one envelope to the high pass, or even create a band pass filter. The tricks and techniques are endless. One thing I have found in my seven years experience with synths is that it’s the simple things that help you get unique sounds.






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