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Formally introduced to synthesis by Suzanne Ciani as her studio assistant, Layne (real name Rachel Aiello) composes field recordings, abstract auditory textures, and rhythmic concrète churns into a hypnotic aural terrain reminiscent of the inceptive work from her seminal female forebears in experimental electronics. Recently released on Karl O’Connor’s legendary Downwards Records, she displays her proficiency in creating a vast soundscape and spatial atmosphere. Most recently, she has performed a collaborative set with Suzanne Ciani for Always On, a Moogfest hosted streaming series.

We chatted with Rachel about how she’s using the OB-6.

What made you choose the OB-6?

“DSI is one of my favorite synth companies. I had my eye on the OB-6 since its initial announcement. What I love about the OB-6 is that it’s a collaboration between two iconic synthesizer designers. It sounds absolutely stunning and rich! It has the versatility to either stand out in the mix or sit in perfectly. I also own the DSI Prophet 12 and wanted a synthesizer that would both compliment it and have a contrast in tone and sound.

How are you using it?

“I use the OB-6 a lot for both pad and bass sounds. The pads are easy to go between a creamy, silky sound into a sound with more grit and aggression. The bass sounds have a great punch that sounds mean. The option of having the OB-6 in unison mode gives me a lot of options and makes the sound adaptable for what I’m working on in the moment.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“I love the ease of use in creative projects. I never have to work very hard to get the sound that I imagine. It just happens intuitively. The OB-6 is fantastic at sculpting sound and always sounds amazing.”

What does it give you that other instruments don’t?

“The sound is a lot heavier and richer in character than many of my other synths. The filter is fantastic and gives it a unique sonic profile. The sequencer is easy to use creatively, it has the option of switching between different clock divisions, which allows me to get the timing that will work best in my tracks. I really like using the “Compare Before You Save” feature as well, for fine-tuning my patches.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“I really enjoy the X-mod feature and aftertouch. The X-mod helps create beautiful and unique tones. I like using aftertouch to change the filter mode if the patch is a soft pad to give it more character. I’ve found that it makes it more performative on how much pressure is put on the key and it also makes the patch more expressive.


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