Maxime Ingrand

Maxime Ingrand is a guitarist and keyboards player in the French post-rock band Lost in Kiev and producer for the electronica project ARCHE. Lost in Kiev is a blend of epic and massive post-rock, driven by the energy of rock mixed with electronic sounds. Their first two albums, Motions and Nuit Noire (on Dunk! records) were both well-received by the press and audience at their live shows. Recently, the group released their new album Persona via Pelagic records. ARCHE is a solitary voyage that invites the listener to a forgotten universe at the convergence of an astral cinematographic ambiance laden with ascending melodies.

We chatted with Maxime on how he’s using the Mopho x4 in his music:

What made you choose the Mopho x4?

I was looking for a polyphonic synthesizer, versatile and portable, especially for live music with my band Lost in Kiev. I tried a lot of synths but I was never really satisfied with their sizes or their sounds. Finally, I found the Mopho x4 and began to use it. It is really practical for live shows with all direct controls, a great analog sound, and it is very easy to travel with.

How are you using it?

I’m using the Mopho x4 live with a Boss DD-500 or with a Strymon Big Sky. It’s a great combo. For sounds, I’m mostly using it for leads, strings, or bass. It’s also my main synth in my studio, and I’m using it like a MIDI controller to control my instruments in my DAW or my hardware desktop synths.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

The two sub oscillators and the modulation matrix. It is really powerful to make some complex sounds. I can achieve everything I want to do with it, it’s easy to combine it with other instruments in a mix or in live situation.

What does it give you that other synths might not?

The perfect combination of sound quality, portability, fast editing, and MIDI control — and the keyboard feels great.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

I like to use the modulation matrix to control different parameters with the mod wheel or with aftertouch. For example, by slightly opening the filter and at the same time modulating the tuning of the oscillators a bit adds some life to the leads or pad sounds. I’m also using a sustain pedal. I can hold a note with it and play guitar at the same time, which is really useful while performing live.


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