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TAUR (Mathieu Artu) is a french composer and singer based in Paris, France. After self-releasing two EPs in 2016 and 2017, TAUR was spotted by Polydor France and the ad agency BETC and signed a record deal with them. TAUR then released a third EP, which features The Constant music video which has aired on national television. TAUR is now touring France and introducing his new EP to new audiences while preparing his first full-length  tour, which is planned for mid-2019.

What made you choose the Prophet-6?

“I think the first event that made me consider Dave Smith products was my old Juno 106’s chorus breaking down. It was a realization that first, I needed to open up to new sound perspectives, and second, I needed a new chorus. At the time, the only synth worth my attention was the Prophet ’08, and I was a proud owner for a year or so. But I still needed a chorus! So when the Prophet-6 came out, I immediately purchased it and it has never left my side since. I also use the Tempest a lot, because of the characteristic punch of it — nothing beats analog drum sounds. More recently, my GAS kicked in and I purchased the Prophet X in order to replace the two synths I’ve been stacking live. The PX is a beast!”

How are you using it?

“Quite frankly, the Prophet-6 is my go-to synth. For two years I’ve made like 100 presets for it and I know each and every one of them by heart. Every time I have an idea, I fire up the P6, dial up to the preset I know will be the right one for the idea and voilà! To be perfectly honest, in my third EP, which came out this year, every sound that you hear comes from the Prophet-6. Only drums come from a mix of the Tempest and Logic Pro. At first I thought that it might be laziness to stick with only the P6, but the thing is, I can do every sound that comes to my mind with it, and there’s actually no reason for it not to be sitting on my main desk.”

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“For the P6 I’d say its warmth and its versatility. And of course the really easy and classic subtractive-synthesis knob layout that makes sound shaping really fast and intuitive. Now for the Prophet X, my favorite thing is to be able to have both a piano and a synthesis engine in a single unit. Live, I can play every part that previously needed two synths, and every preset change seamlessly with program changes sent from Ableton live. And the fact that you kept a really straightforward and intuitive layout made the recreation of my beloved P6 sounds a walk in the park.”

What does the Prophet-6 give you that other instruments don’t?

“Robustness, stability, warmth, trustworthiness and, last but not least, I’d say pride.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“I’m a real fan of — well, let’s say I’m completely nuts for — old school kitsch electric pianos. The legendary one from the DX7 is something I’ll never forget. I grew up with that sound and even if it’s overused, I don’t care, I just love it. The thing is, it’s FM and not subtractive, and it was impossible for me to recreate something close with the synths I had. Well, that was before Poly Mod on the Prophet 6. By modulating the frequency of the oscillators with Poly Mod, I was able to attain a bell tone shape, and from this came my favorite e-piano sound ever!”



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