Markus Lange

Ostblockschlampen, also known as Eastblock Bitches, are a German DJ and producer duo consisting of Sophie Schaefer and Markus Lange, which has existed and been active since 2009. Their music is a mix of Bass House, EDM, Trap and Moombahton, and their releases have reached over 20,000,000 streams.

Markus Lange has been a producer since 2003 and has released on labels such as Great Stuff Records. Sophie Schäfer has also worked as a DJ and producer since 2007.

We chatted with Markus on how he’s been using Sequential instruments in their productions:

What made you choose Sequential?

First of all, for me Sequential stands for quality and passion! In my opinion Sequential is the standard in terms of quality for synthesizers – everything feels right and well built. I had a lot of Sequential / DSI synths (Prophet 6, OB6, Prophet 12, Prophet 8, Rev 2, Poly Evolver) and I loved all of them.

How are you using them?

Mostly for finding simple ideas and getting inspired. The Prophet-6, OB-6 and Prophet 12 are the most interesting synths in my opinion – often when I write music I’ll put in something extra in terms of a sweet melody for breaks, or a brass sound for a drop. In the end it’s 99% a Sequential synth what I’ll use it for.

What is one of your favorite things about them?

I love the presets! I have the feeling there are two kinds of people: the ones who think nobody needs presets, and ones who love them – and Sequential has the best presets of all! I love the play function from the OB6, P6, and REV2 – this is fantastic for idea finding and really inspires me every time. I’m also big fan of Peter Dyer, who makes the best presets for the OB6 and P6!

What do they give you that other synths might not?

That special Sequential vibe – for me, the OB-6 and P6 are really 70’s and 80’s influenced sounding synths. And I’m a child of the 80’s, so I have to love them! Sequential also combines this special vintage sound with modern hardware, and there is no other company who does this in such a good way. And yeah, I love the typical Sequential sound that I can only get from Sequential synths. For the Prophet 12, its incredible UI is the best out of any synth in my opinion. Knob per function. Clear structure. Display in the middle. Perfect!…and the tunable feedback! Another amazing thing that stands out – I’ve made so many crazy sounds with it. I want this in every synth.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you would like to share?

Use the preset play button and enjoy the good presets!

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