Levinsky is the Finnish harbinger of distinctly cinematic and dark synthwave. His style is regarded as unique in the Finnish scene, gaining a steady and organic base around the world. His fans know that he always has something to say with his music and that his themes are always close to his heart. He also interacts closely with his fans and truly values their support.

He is inspired by classic horror, thriller, and sci-fi movies as well as literature and is an ardent fan of classic Italian “giallo” movies such as Dario Argento’s Tenebre and Suspiria. Musically, he draws a lot of inspiration from great classic artists such as Kate Bush (whom he reportedly worships), Jean Michel Jarre, John Carpenter, Goblin, and Vangelis, while holding dear a handpicked selection of modern day acts such as Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Zombi, and Daft Punk. He doesn’t shun drawing influences and musical growth from outside the genre and experiments with his sound accordingly.

He’s just finished his first full-length album Electra Complex, a follow-up to 2018’s EP Method to the Madness (available at Levinsky’s Bandcamp page and all global streaming services) which has gained an underground cult status in addition to critical acclaim by a number of synthwave blogs and sites globally.

We chatted with Levinsky about how he’s using the Prophet-6 in his music:

What made you choose the Prophet-6?

I’ve seen artists such as Perturbator (FRA) use the Prophet-6 in their live setups, and of course the “Prophet” name has a well-respected legacy, nodding towards the legendary synth music of the 80’s, which I listen to and value a lot. Kind of a straightforward choice really for me. Its sonic nature and qualities fit my music very well.

How are you using it?

I’m using it for getting inspired for new songs. Sometimes, just a tweaked sound can get my imagination going. Also use it to design pads, cook up great leads, and of course, I play it live. It’s such a keeper. A very versatile and beautiful instrument and the editability of the patches is simply superb. There is basically no limit to what you can do with it. It’s really up to your imagination.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

All the sheer power of being able to sculpt killer sounds in a very straightforward way. Its punchiness and energy fit my music well. The build quality is superb, too.

What does it give you that other synths don’t?

It’s great for performing, I really like the keyboard, too and the big frequency range is pure bliss. Think of Blade Runner-style deep, deep sub sounds and mid-high tones that really cut like a knife. The sonic variety is just awesome.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

The distortion can be used for a plenty of things, not only for getting maximally biting tones but also to give an interesting touch to more mellow and softer sounds, too.









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