Evan Hodges

Evan Hodges is a composer for film and mixed media that holds a degree in Jazz Studies from Georgia State University. He has scored more than 50 films, including both feature films and short films, two musicals, and a full video game soundtrack. Scoring comes intuitively to Hodges. His background and training in jazz, with its highly improvisational component, allows him to adapt quickly and easily to score both simple and advanced thematic musical cues appropriate for every scene. In 2017, Hodges scored the feature, The Canadoo. He was Emmy-nominated in 2018 for the PBS documentary feature, My Dear Children.

We chatted with Evan on how he uses the OB-6 in his music:

What made you choose the OB-6?

I have only owned mono synths and having been putting off getting a poly synth for a long time. The OB-6 made me break that cycle. It is honestly a time machine. Every very nostalgic 80’s sound is in this unit. However, it’s not a one-trick pony, as it does modern sounds as well.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

I love the quick versatility of it. I’m able to dial in sounds quickly, especially when I’m on a tight post-production deadline. On the flip side, I’m able to easily go deeper into a sound when I have more time to delve into it.

What does it give you that other synths don’t?

It gives you a lot of usable presets out of the gate, 500 to be exact, with 500 user-programmable options. I’m nowhere near tapping into what this thing can give.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

One of my favorite things to do is create a sound and then use the arpeggiator and tighten up the ASDR to create a really complex drum sequence. From there, I manipulate the filter and resonance to get the final product.

As a composer for picture, I’m always trying to find new ways to help tell the story on the screen and connect it to the emotion of the viewer. Analog synths are great at this because they can create so many complex layers that suit everything from dramas to suspense films. Half of the fun is the journey to discovering the sounds, themes, and textures along the way, and the OB-6 offers that in spades!







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