Dräger is the ethos of Spencer Draeger’s dystopian modern era. With his hand on the pulse of a generation saturated in anxiety and melancholia, part sarcastic but overall playful—Dräger takes a light hand to the heavy themes of technology, love, and society at the precipice of a new world. These themes are found strewn throughout his upcoming album Goths à la Discothèque, out May 7th on Trash Casual, which he wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed on his own in his home studio in Brooklyn. The 11 songs on the record take inspiration from the unhinged and tumultuous year 2020, reflecting on having to make our digital world seemingly more real than the natural world and a rebirth to new ideas, whether painful or exciting. It’s a modern take on the idea of “sex, drugs, and rock & roll,” composed of brooding and synth-happy moments balancing between what’s tangible and what’s fantasy. On Goths à la Discothèque, Dräger is setting out to talk about the hardships of the contemporary world and present them in a way that could soundtrack a party.

This artist spotlight video features Dräger and the Pro 3 synthesizer:









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