Dennis Guevara

Dennis Guevara was born in Trenton, New Jersey and began his musical studies in piano at the Boys Harbor Conservatory of Music. He later graduated from Mercer County Community College, and the City College of New York with a degree in Music Performance, and Point Blank Music School for Mixing and Mastering. Guevara has performed with various Jazz, Latin Jazz, World Music, and Salsa artists and is also a runner-up winner for NAMM’s Coverband 2011. He worked as Artistic Director at AMLA Conservatory of Music in Philadelphia, and was invited to teach at The Kimmel Center of Performing Arts as Bandmaster for the Summer Jazz Camp. Dennis currently works as Musical Director for Grammy Award winning Pablo Batista’s Latin Jazz Ensemble and World Music artist Nina Rodriguez.

We chatted with Dennis on how he uses Sequential instruments in his music:

What made you choose the Rev2 and Pro 3?

I chose the Prophet Rev2 because of the polyphony and the Curtis filter, and the Pro 3 for its nimble interface. I’m using the Rev 2 for all of my pads and a couple of lead sounds for soloing, and I use the Pro 3 for lead melody lines as well as adding texture during accompaniment parts in the Latin Jazz music I play.

What are some of your favorite things about them?

I love how fast you can assign different parameters on the fly on the Pro 3, and the CV expansion is the perfect way to utilize future modular pieces I plan to add.

The Rev 2 gives me access to a plethora of bread and butter sounds that sound amazing out of the box, or with little tweaking. I really love how the Sequential Pro 3 has the wavetable oscillator, which is a game changer!! I also love how you have 3 different filter options from 4 pole Prophet-6, transistor ladder filter and classic OB-6 style filter. Between the Pro 3 and Rev2, I have all the analog goodness I need. In essence it’s three keyboards in one.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you would like to share?

My “go-to” technique is the using the shift function to assign various parameters within the Sequential Pro 3, and the possibilities are endless!!



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