Musician, producer, composer, writer, and singer – DeLaurentis is one and more. It’s the story of a French little girl who would watch her dad playing music, and quickly understood that musical notes could spring up and fly away from her arms, her hands, her fingers. The music was a part of her. With this revelation, the sky opened up to her. After several years spent at the Conservatory she became a self-taught producer, and discovered the world of computer music influenced by Laurie Anderson, one of the first women to pioneer electronic music. DeLaurentis settled in Paris in 2015, and released her first two EPs. She started to get noticed then, with her unique universe and music videos. Her new album “UNICA” is due to release on September 3rd, 2021.

We chatted with DeLaurentis on how she uses the Prophet Rev2 in her music:

What made you choose the Prophet Rev2?

I learned music at the conservatory but I’m a self-taught producer. I compose, produce and record with a computer for years and my goal for each track is to convey emotion and input life into machines. That’s why I often use my voice, at times rhythmic, melodic or harmonious, because it’s immediately personal and organic.

But I was still missing one thing… A poly analog synth !

One of my favorite composers is Ryūichi Sakamoto, and he used to say: ‘I’ve worked with the same Prophet-5 synthesizer by Sequential Circuits for 40 years.

It’s true, I saw him 3 years ago in Paris, performing on stage his Async album and the Prophet-5 was part of his set up. So I was searching a synth with this iconic sounds, and when I first tried the Prophet Rev2 in a music store, I instantly had a crush on it! The sounds are deep and organic. It’s kind of alive, as a conversation, an exchange…and since that day I adopted it both in the studio and on stage.

How are you using it?

In many ways. For its deep bass sounds, and the arpeggiator has endless possibilities. I also adore its vaporous pads because I’m a big fan of ambient music, and this synth makes me feel calm and relaxed. I can spend hours just exploring pad sounds.

What is one of your favorite things about it?

My influences are nourished by electronic music as well as classical music or film music. That’s why I like mixing acoustic instruments, organic voices with synthesizers, and the depth of the Rev2’s sound blends perfectly with organic sounds. For example, I combined real strings (a string quartet) and Prophet Rev2 in the bridge of my song Life.

What does it give you that other synths might not?

As I said, I immediately had a crush as soon as I put my hands on it. It’s like when you meet someone. Then I started to explore the sounds, and I find that this synth is very intuitive, even if we do not have great sonic knowledge, we can have fun very quickly! And a more pragmatic thing that I love, is being able to move it easily from the studio to the stage; because it is not heavy and I am the only one carrying my gear so that matters!

Any interesting tricks or techniques you would like to share?

To trip for hours, no need for drugs! Just add a big shimmer reverb on your Prophet Rev2 and I promise, you will not see your day go by. This synth has therapeutic benefits for me. It helps me to meditate, to calm me down and it gives me good vibes!



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