Bryn Bliska

Bryn Bliska is a musician, composer and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her sound merges a childhood soundtracked by ’90s pop and R&B jams with her jazz training and affinity for technology. Her creative mission is to support historically marginalized and underrepresented people and to amplify their sounds and stories.

Bryn frequently collaborates with artists & producers across many genres, including Jacob Collier, Karol G, Rozzi, Lawrence & Sofi Tukker. She has scored video & podcast projects for the New York Times, NPR, TED, and the Getty Museum, writes for Universal Production Music, and received the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award in recognition of her composition Bilateral.1. She is also a co-founder of nu.wav, an independent sample label distributed by Splice. Her Splice Originals sample pack, “Soul Jazz With Bryn Bliska,” reached the Top 10 of the Splice charts in Spring 2020. She also sound designs for Reason Studios.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Bryn graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Neuroscience before spending a year as a Graduate Research Assistant in Tod Machover’s Opera of the Future group at the MIT Media Lab.

We chatted with Bryn on how she uses the Prophet Rev2 in her music:

What made you choose the Rev2?

As I started doing session work in various studios around NYC, I consistently loved the tones and capabilities of all of the DSI/Sequential synths I encountered. A lifelong keyboardist, I had yet to add any analog synths to my setup until a few years ago. I knew when the time came, my first synth would definitely be a Prophet because I had already fallen in love! I ultimately chose the Rev2 for its massive flexibility – it’s a sound design playground for sure.

How are you using it?

The Rev2 is part of my touring rig with both Jacob Collier and Karol G. I also use it on a daily basis when composing and producing out of my own studio! It’s an absolute workhorse and it’s a fantastic instrument for replicating sounds from records to bring them to life on the stage, as well as for exploring more experimental sounds.

What is one of your favorite things about it?

I’ve found the layout to be incredibly intuitive and efficient! With all of the power this synth offers, you can pretty much create any sound you can imagine, which makes it an essential part of my live rig. It’s got a bold sonic presence that can really cut through when you need it to, or sound super massive and expansive – really whatever you need it to do. The Rev2 has become an integral part of my live sound and performance, so much so that I’m getting a desktop version too so I can just throw it in my bag and bring it anywhere, anytime!

What does it give you that other synths might not?

To me, this synth is the perfect balance of tone and flexibility. The analog warmth is undeniable, while the number of voices, bi-timbrality, mod matrix, effects, sequencer and more give it so much versatility and power.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you would like to share?

The Prophet Rev2 Editor from Soundtower is a god-send! Having the ability to edit and organize patches on the computer is so helpful when preparing for shows and quickly adapting to changes on the fly on the road.



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