Branden Cate

After touring and recording with the Seattle-based band Barcelona since 2012, Branden Cate has set out to pursue his solo project, CATE. A blend of modern and vintage analog and digital synths, drum machines, and crooner-like vocals, his debut EP Blue Heart is comprised of six heartbreak songs that just about anybody can relate to.

We chatted with Branden on how he’s using the Prophet Rev2 in his music:

What made you choose Prophet Rev2?

Like all legendary synths, the Prophet was always a name that I knew and the sound was unmistakable. In particular, the first time I heard James Blake’s debut album there was simply nothing like that Prophet ’08 bite. I toured with my ’08 for several years and now my Rev2 has become my staple live instrument.

How are you using it?

For CATE shows, the primary synth sounds you hear in my tracks (and on my EP) are Rev2 and I use my 16-voice keyboard live in many of the songs.

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

Like all Sequential gear, everything is laid out at your fingertips. That’s so important to my creativity rather than pouring time into menu-diving or scrolling and clicking. And it’s just a big, beautiful sound no matter what you dial in.

What does it give you that other synths might not?

Pure analog tone with amazing stereo effects, and a super-playable and responsive keybed. Easy interface and it looks sexy as hell.

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

For me the best thing about the Rev2 is I feel as though I didn’t lose my Prophet ’08 when I made the switch. I was able to bring over a library of sounds I had fallen in love with and that still give me tons of inspiration. If you add the new sounds you can achieve with the Rev2 and its amazing effects, and I feel like I truly have the best of both worlds. Thank you Dave and the entire team for continuing to innovate!



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