New Wavetables for Pro 3

July 8, 2021 | Previous Page | Categorie(s): Products

Sequential Delivers 32 New Wavetables and 128 New Programs for Pro 3

Sequential today released a major enhancement to the Pro 3 multi-filter mono synth — a full set of 32 new wavetables that expand its sound palette. As a hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features two VCOs plus a third, digital wavetable oscillator. The new wavetables are derived from an eclectic collection of sources including the Fairlight IIx, a vintage Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine, dual TAU 20-stage phasers, a boutique Frequency Shifter, an Equinox EQ Phaser, and classic 90’s-era Turbosynth sound design software. Also included are a selection of heavily processed acoustic instruments such as Chapman Stick and human voice.

To showcase the new wavetables, Sequential is also providing an all-new bank of 128 sounds that put the wavetables to use. Each sound in the set includes, extensive modulation routings, effects setups, and its own accompanying sequence to demonstrate the sound in context.

The new wavetables and sound set are available free of charge to Pro 3 owners through Sequential’s website.

“Our whole concept behind the Pro 3 was to make it the deepest, best-sounding, most endlessly creative mono synth  you’ll ever own,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith: “And by continuing to expand its capabilities with new wavetables, new factory sounds, and new software features like Patch Morphing, we’re not only keeping it fresh, we’re keeping firmly at the leading edge of hybrid synths. There’s no other way to say it: the Pro 3 is a beast.”

Download the new wavetables and bank of programs.

Listen to demos of the new program bank on SoundCloud.


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