Win a Synth Recording Bundle

Win a Synth Recording Bundle, featuring the Sequential Take 5, Novation Circuit Rynthm, and Focusrite's Scarlett 18i20 USB audio interface.


Win a Synth Recording Bundle


The contest to win this powerhouse synth recording set-up from Sequential, Novation, and Focusrite is now closed.

We will notify the winner via email shortly.


Sequential’s Take 5® is a full-featured subtractive compact and portable five-voice VCO/VCF-based poly synth designed with both synth newcomers and space-conscious pros in mind. 

Novation’s Circuit Rhythm is a powerful and versatile standalone sampler and drum machine for the modern beatmaker. Record directly to the hardware, then slice sculpt, reverse, loop, resample, and play chromatically – all in the box. 

Used together, you can create unique beats on Rhythm while laying down striking leads and warm pads on top with Take 5’s distinctive synth engine.  

Keep the creative juices flowing by connecting all your synths at once. Don’t stop to rewire your studio or be forced to record one synth at a time. Introducing the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB audio interface; with eight inputs and ten outputs, plus ADAT input and output for up to eight more channels each way, you’ll have enough IO to record a synthesizer symphony! 

Enter by Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 for your chance to win a Take 5, Circuit Rhythm and Scarlett 18i20.  



Watch as Trovarsi uses the Take 5 and Circuit Rhythm together to make a complete musical arrangement and performance.

In this video, Trovarsi is a sending MIDI from the Circuit Rhythm to the Take 5 to sync their clocks. Trovarsi records a chord progression into the step sequencer, using ties and timed steps to lengthen the progression to 8 bars. The audio from the Take 5 is running into the Circuit Rhythm, allowing end of chain effects to be utilized for all the audio, as well freeing up her hands to perform and experiment with the filters, distortion, and delays on both machines.